Teamwork makes the space work.

Every project is a collaborative effort. We’ve had the distinct pleasure of working alongside acclaimed architectural and interior design firms, master tradespeople and visionary clients.

Green is not only in our name.
It’s part of our commitment to the environment.

Our corporate operations were certified carbon neutral in 2013. We uphold this certification today by investing in carbon offset projects that meet strict climate criteria:


Unique Ownership

A carbon offset must be registered by a publicly accessible registry and be unavailable permanently when sold.



Each offset must come from renewable and energy efficiency projects that avoid storage of atmospheric carbon that could be released in the future, effectively negating the reduction.



An offset must not be a reduction that would have occurred naturally. Otherwise, it has no net climate benefit.


Certified Standards

Certification must be awarded by a recognized standard, such as the Gold Standard, Clean Development Mechanism, or The Voluntary Carbon Standard, to name but a few.

As of 2020, we offer to certify all our construction projects through offsets to utility usage and contractor travel. It’s just one more way we are living up to our name.

We have partnered with Carbozero to achieve
carbon neutrality for our corporate operations.