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Project Spotlight: TIFF

Client:TIFF Project Details:Greenferd was thrilled to work with the Toronto International Film Festival for the renovation of their 3rd-floor venue at Bell Lightbox. Our team collaborated with the Design Agency throughout the development and construction to revamp the decor and create an inviting ambiance for the ultimate TIFF experience. The project was completed well before […]

What makes an ideal team player?

 If you were to ask a room full of people what makes some teams more successful than others, you are likely to get a variety of answers. This should come as no surprise; after all, the ‘secret sauce’ that helps a team excel does not consist of a singular ingredient. Exceptional teams are multi-faceted, dynamic, […]

Never Underestimate the Transformative Power of a High-Functioning Team

In today’s fast-paced business environment, teams are an undeniably fundamental element of organizational success. Effective teamwork is essential for achieving goals, building strong relationships, and fostering innovation. It should come as no surprise, then, that an organization with strong teamworking skills can unlock performance results that would be impossible for individuals working alone.  In past […]

The Importance of Managing Deficiencies on a Commercial Construction Project 

If you work in commercial construction, you are likely well acquainted with deficiencies – an industry term which is officially defined as a characteristic or condition that fails to meet a standard, or is not in compliance with a requirement or specification, in accordance with project expectations and requirements. Deficiencies are, unfortunately, an undeniable part […]

Greenferd… Ahead of the Curve Once Again!

After almost 30 years of business, Greenferd has weathered the storm of countless global changes and industry disruptions. But as the world has changed, our business has changed too; our company has continued to thrive by continuously adapting our expertise to satisfy emerging market trends.  In a previous blog, we placed a spotlight on our […]

Does your office foster collaboration?

It’s official, 2023 is not only here – it’s well underway, and it bears all the markings of an exciting year ahead. From all of us at Greenferd, we wish you health, happiness and prosperity as we collectively step into this next chapter.  Of course, for many, January represents new beginnings; a fresh start, a […]

Greenferd is Not Just for Offices Anymore!

In the construction industry, tenure is an increasingly valuable currency, and after almost 30 years serving the GTA and more than 2,000 successful projects, Greenferd is notably rich in that department. From construction management and general contracting to service work, site assessment, and budgeting and schedules, the commercial real estate and A&D community, as well […]

The office is dead, long live the office!

There’s an age-old political proclamation which reads, “The king is dead, long live the king!”. While it may, at first, appear contradictory, the phrase is used to assure the public of continuity during moments of significant change, by declaring the accession of a new monarch, while simultaneously announcing the death of the previous monarch. Repurposed […]

The Greenferd Difference

In 2022, the “paradox of choice” phenomenon is alive and well. Consumers today have more choices and options than at any other time in history and, while this may present as a benefit to buyers (although this is certainly up for debate), this economic landscape is particularly challenging for businesses; specifically, sellers of both products […]

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Greenferd, Not Just for Offices Anymore!

In this post-pandemic landscape, could offices, in fact, be more important than ever?

Few things more powerful than people together.