The office is dead, long live the office!

There’s an age-old political proclamation which reads, “The king is dead, long live the king!”. While it may, at first, appear contradictory, the phrase is used to assure the public of continuity during moments of significant change, by declaring the accession of a new monarch, while simultaneously announcing the death of the previous monarch. Repurposed […]

The Greenferd Difference

In 2022, the “paradox of choice” phenomenon is alive and well. Consumers today have more choices and options than at any other time in history and, while this may present as a benefit to buyers (although this is certainly up for debate), this economic landscape is particularly challenging for businesses; specifically, sellers of both products […]

Construction in Focus Article


In this post-pandemic landscape, could offices, in fact, be more important than ever?

Few things more powerful than people together.