Our team understands that using the latest technology facilitates communication and information sharing among all project team members.

Our project management software is CMIC, an industry-leading construction software that allows the project team to share information quickly and efficiently, ensuring flawless execution and project control.

Project budgets are one of the most important considerations four our clients as they evaluate project options.  Providing our clients with accurate budgets during the pre-construction phase of our projects is a point of pride for our estimating team. To accomplish this objective, our estimators use BlueBeam estimating software that enables quick and easy document review, management and collaboration.  For more information on BlueBeam, please visit https://www.bluebeam.com/

Keeping our project partners informed about onsite progress reduces anxiety and gives the project stakeholders confidence that their project is moving forward expected.  Our team is proud to use OpenSpace AI technology to provide captures of site progress that can be logged and viewed by all team members at any time from any location.  To learn more about this amazing technology that Greenferd pioneered in the Toronto market, please click the following link to view a short video https://www.openspace.ai/products/